Common Questions to Ask Before Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Lincoln Park

by | May 13, 2024 | Dentist

Seeing a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park is a major step. If you’re not happy with the way your mouth or your teeth look, however, it may be time to see one so you can smile proudly once again. But is your situation severe enough to see one? Here are some common questions that you should consider before you make your decision to see a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park.

Can’t I get the same procedures from my regular dentist?

In many cases, a general dentist can work on the issues that you are having with your mouth and teeth. However, there will be some situations in which your general dentist will refer you to a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park. A cosmetic dentist can do more than your general dentist because they have more education and training. They can do procedures like restoration surgery, implants, and more. Before you decide to see a cosmetic dentist, ask your general dentist if it’s the best course of action or if there is a better way to get your problem solved.

How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?

When choosing a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park, you should always start with people you know. Ask your general dentist if there is someone that they recommend that you see. They usually have a network of cosmetic dentists and other dental professionals that they know, and they can typically refer you to a qualified person. You should also ask people you know if they have been to a cosmetic dentist before. If they have, did they have a good experience? Would they recommend their cosmetic dental professional to you, or would they tell you to go somewhere else? This should give you a good list to choose from when you decide to have some cosmetic dental work done.

I need my teeth whitened. Should I see a cosmetic dentist?

Yellowed and stained teeth can be a major problem when it comes to having a confident smile. In some cases, your general dentist may be able to do a whitening procedure that will help brighten your teeth. In more extreme cases, however, you may need to have implants or veneers put on your teeth. In cases like this, a cosmetic dentist is going to be your best course of action. They have experience in this area, so they can do the job right and bring back that smile that makes you feel good about your appearance once again.

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