Conditions Treated by an Emergency Dentist in Edmonton

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Dental Services

Some dental conditions require Emergency Dentist Edmonton area. It is alarming though to know that there are certain health facilities where a regular dental appointment has to wait for almost a week. It is essential for people to know when they or a member of their family needs emergency dental services. The following are some instances that indicate the need of an emergency dental check up.

In some cases, one may have their tooth knocked out in an accident. It is best to seek emergency attention in such a situation. Many professionals advise getting medical attention within an hour when this happens. Visiting a dentist in good time can save the tooth. An individual should however keep the tooth clean and in a milk-filled container. Again, an accident can simply dislodge one’s tooth rather than knock it off. This is another condition that calls for emergency attention by a dentist. If not well attended to, a dislodged or extruded tooth can lead to swelling and infection of the gum, which is very painful for the patient. As first aid before seeing the doctor, try applying something cold on the outer surface of the mouth near the place of impact or take Tylenol to minimize the pain.

Abscess is another dental condition that requires urgent attention by a qualified doctor. Abscess may occur due to a number of things. The major cause though is a rotten tooth that has not been treated for a while. It is characterized by a pimple like swelling on the gums that is accompanied by discoloration. When you see these symptoms, seek an immediate meeting with a dentist. If not treated in good time, Abscess can cause spreading of infection that can eventually damage the jaw bone and the teeth; therefore it needs immediate attention by a qualified dentist.

Some emergency dentists are not ready to receive patients who are not regulars. A patient therefore should visit professional, skilled and experienced Emergency Dentist Edmonton area like Bartons Ville family dental. They have the most experienced and qualified dentists in the region. Additionally, their staff is friendly and professional. They also have the most advanced techniques in the industry.

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