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by | Nov 6, 2013 | Dentists

Phillipsburg family dental performs Cosmetic Dentistry Stewartsville. One such procedure is called dental bonding. This is a fast, easy, and painless way to achieve a beautiful smile in as little as one visit. During this process, the dentist uses a plastic tooth colored resin to resurface your teeth. Then light is applied to dry and make this resin permanent. No crowns or veneers are needed.

This method of smile beautification is one of the most cost effective quickest ways to a perfect smile. These bondings can be used to:

*    Fill large gaps between teeth

*    Cover discolored teeth

*    Fix broken, chipped, or cracked teeth

*    Reshape the entire mouth

*    Elongate teeth that are shorter than others

It is more cost effective and less labor intensive than crowns. It allows the dentist to not have to pull damage or rotten teeth and then create time consuming implants, bridges, and other forms of tooth replacement. Also you do not have to go through the sometimes painful, involved process of grinding teeth to make caps or crowns fit in the mouth properly. Bonding resin blends in with other teeth perfectly since it is colored to match. As with any other form of tooth repair, it is not permanent but with proper dental care can last for many years. Another benefit of tooth bonding is it can also be used instead of braces to straighten teeth that are crooked. When bonding is used to straighten teeth, the dentist applies it to your teeth and then contours and shapes it until the teeth are straight. Bonding is also preferable to older fillings made of silver. It not only blends in with teeth but also bonds better to the tooth being fixed. In addition, fillings that are bonded remove less of the healthy tooth than is removed when silver fillings are used.

After the dentist finishes the bonding process, the material is then polished to a healthy shine matching existing teeth. When it is complete, bonded teeth are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Find out how Cosmetic Dentistry Stewartsville can give you the healthy, beautiful smile you desire.

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