Dental Anxiety: How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Dentists are one of the more feared members of the medical community. Many people suffer from anxiety at the thought of seeing a dentist. However, visiting a dentist on a regular basis is a key aspect of supporting good oral health. The most common reasons to fear the dentist include; fear of what they will find, fear based on past experiences, and fear based on lack of knowledge.

What Might the Dentist Find

Many people who are anxious over dental care do not visit their dentist regularly. It is quite common for the dentist to find many issues with your teeth in these cases, and these issues have had a lot of time to get worse. It is important to remember that preventative care can go a long way to ensuring a pleasant visit. You will also want to remember that your dentist has seen worse, and cares more about dealing with your health than judging you for your fear.

Past Experiences

Your negative experiences can skew your feelings towards the dentist. There are many horror stories from the past of dental procedures that were painful, and other stories of very uncaring dentists. You need to remember that there have been many improvements in modern day dental procedures, and dentists aim to give you an experience that is as pleasant as possible. Bedside manner in dentists has also come a long way, with more dentists seeking to reassure their patients before, after, and during the required procedures.

Knowledge is Power

A lot of dentistry is extremely technical, and it isn’t practical for you to have a deep understanding of all possible procedures. Instead, having general working knowledge of the procedures can help reduce your anxiety. A root canal in Chicago may sound scary, but work with your dentist to understand the steps involved. This will help you stay calm and will give you a better understanding of the care you are receiving.

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