Dental Care in Chicago: 3 Fun and Surprising Ways to Avoid Cavities

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are important. However, were you aware that eating your boogers may help to prevent cavities? Here are a few other surprising ways to avoid dental decay!

1. Consume More Dairy Products

If the booger science sounded strange to you, this one might also rock your world. Long story short, dairy products like milk and cheese can help to reduce cavities because their calcium content is good for the genetic makeup of your teeth. By building stronger chompers, you’ll make them more resistant to decay and damage.

2. Chew Gum

Some dentists in Itasca recommend chewing gum as an anti-cavity measure. It can stimulate saliva production, reduce bacteria, and un-stick debris caught between your teeth! The trick is avoiding sugary gums that are basically candy. Instead, look for sugar-free ingredients with names like xylitol, aspartame, and mannitol.

3. Use a Straw

Straws can cut down on the amount of fizzy, sugary, or otherwise harmful materials that come in contact with your teeth. They’re also a great tool for keeping your smile nice and white: They’ll prevent things like coffee and tea from staining the enamel. Just make sure to use non-plastic straws to help the environment.

These are just a few ways to avoid dental decay. If it’s too late, however, or if you didn’t realize in time that eating your boogers may help to prevent cavities, reach out to Brian Homann, DDS. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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