Dental Implants: Informational Tidbits for the Curious at Heart in Gurnee

Located in Gurnee is a great place to get that missing tooth addressed, near some of the most advanced dental offices in the US. Studies have shown that approximately two out of three Americans are missing a tooth!

The Mayans and Egyptians were the first civilizations found to have fixed missing teeth with tooth-shaped shells that they would place in empty tooth sockets. Even back then, they knew that the cosmetics of a good smile were important, as well as being able to eat, maintain proper jaw alignment, and speaking at all those ancient business conferences. Romans were known to use implants made of iron, while other cultures used ivory or gemstone implants.

Your jawbone will naturally meld and grow around the small titanium post of a dental implant. This is the benchmark of how dental implants work. This truly awesome fact wasn’t revealed until 1952 when an orthopedic surgeon by the name of P.I. Branemark (he was Swedish) was experimenting on an animal test subject. Before that, titanium was only used for replacement in joints and hips. Titanium’s corrosion-resistant, exceptionally strong, and non-toxic durability is the foundation of all dental implants, making it the very best for your bite force!

Today’s dental implants in Gurnee are so insanely strong, they are made from the same material as professional sports equipment, tools, military vehicles, even air, and spacecraft!

Excellence in Dentistry, LTD dental offices have the best services for giving you quality dental implants in Gurnee. Visit, for a consultation about rates, insurance, check-ups, and detailed information. They can help you feel and look great, a custom fit for your custom smile.


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