Dental Implants Provide a Lifelong Beautiful Smile

Dental implants increase health, improve quality of life, and restore a white, beautiful smile. When teeth become chipped, rotted, and discolored, most people lose self-confidence whenever they smile. Also, they may suffer from pain, temperature sensitivity, inability to eat certain foods, and bleeding gums. More than just being inconvenient and unsightly, poor tooth condition is also an overall health concern.

Over time, periodontitis sets in. This starts with sensitivity and bleeding in the gums. As bacteria increasingly eats away tooth enamel and gums weaken, teeth begin to shift and, eventually, they decay and fall out. The bones around the jaw are affected. Also, tooth plaque is recycled back into the bloodstream. This plaque builds in arteries, contributing to heart disease.

People afflicted with rotting teeth benefit from dental implants. Implants are cost effective and provide a permanent solution to tooth decay and loss. Dental implants provide more comfort than dentures. They also look just like natural teeth. Implants can be used to replace a full jawline of teeth, either upper, lower, or both. If you still have healthy teeth on your jawline, multiple tooth implants are inserted individually where needed. The healthy, natural teeth remain in place.

Many dental patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost of dental implants in Hoffman Estates is a one-time investment that lasts a lifetime. While other solutions, like dentures and bridges, often cause irritation and require continued dental work, dental implants provide freedom from additional dental problems and costly dental bills.

Also, dental implants allow your natural jawline structure to be maintained. They may also improve speech while reducing the chances of bone loss and gum disease. Even better, you can enjoy all your favorite foods!

Your dental health affects your entire well-being. Dental implants keep your gums and jaw healthy while giving you a beautiful smile for life. Eon Clinics provides consultations on the cost of dental implants in Hoffman Estates. Eon Clinics has helped thousands of Chicago area people achieve a beautiful smile.


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