The Dentist in Colorado Springs CO Will Stop Your Tooth Pain

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Dentists

Tooth pain can have many causes and it is important patients are seen by their dentist so the cause can be determined and treated. The Dentist in Colorado Springs CO specializes in properly diagnosing tooth pain so a patient can find relief. Some causes of tooth pain can mean the tooth is in danger. With prompt treatment, a person’s oral health can be protected.

Common Causes of Tooth Pain

It is important individuals realize the common reasons that cause tooth pain. Knowing the causes of tooth pain will help individuals to understand the importance of seeking an examination by the Dentist in Colorado Springs CO.

  • Cavities are the leading cause of tooth pain in people of all ages. This pain is caused as the decay breaks down the tooth and causes the nerve to be exposed.
  • Tooth pain is sometimes caused by worn enamel which can occur due to poor oral hygiene and poor brushing techniques. When the enamel is worn, microscopic openings can develop which lead to nerve pain.
  • Sometimes, a person’s tooth can be injured and they are not aware. When an injury occurs, such as a crack or chip, this can lead to an opening that causes nerve exposure.

Dentists Help the Pain

When a patient’s tooth pain is caused by worn enamel, the dentist will offer treatments that help to plug the microscopic openings and make the enamel stronger. Fluoride treatments are used, along with special mouth rinses and toothpaste. Special varnishes and bonding can also be used to prevent the pain from occurring because of nerve exposure.

Injuries and decay are treated in much the same way. Injuries are repaired using filling material and will sometimes require the tooth to be covered with a crown. Decay is removed with special dental tools and then the tooth is filled.

These treatments help to stop tooth pain in its tracks so a person can find relief. If you are dealing with tooth pain and want to seek treatment, contact the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry. The dentist can examine your tooth and find the cause of your pain so the right treatment can be carried out.

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