Dentists in Columbus, GA Can Treat Cracked Teeth

If a patient experiences sharp, short-term pain in the teeth when they bite or chew, there’s a chance that a tooth may be cracked. A cracked tooth typically involves a hairline fracture that’s difficult to diagnose because they’re undetectable by visual inspections and x-rays. Read on to learn about cracked teeth and about how Dentists in Columbus, GA can help.

Diagnosing a Cracked Tooth

Most people with cracked teeth have a hard time finding the tooth that’s causing the problem. Not only is it problematic to find the right tooth, but it can also be a challenge to determine which jaw is causing the issue. Anyone experiencing sharp pains when biting or chewing should schedule a dentist’s appointment right away. A dentist can help the patient find the right tooth by applying slight pressure to every tooth in the area.

Causes of Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth should not be confused with crazing, which is a painless, easily visible crack that’s part of the aging process. A cracked tooth can be very painful, and it can be caused by:

1. Eating harder foods such as candies or ice
2. Sharp blows to the face
3. Brittle teeth due to a root canal
4. Uneven chewing
5. Clenching or grinding of the teeth
6. Temperature extremes like quickly alternating cold and hot foods

Why Teeth Hurt

When a person bites down on a cracked tooth, pressure can cause the crack to widen. When pressure ceases, the crack closes up, and sharp pain can result. The crack irritates the tooth’s center, where the pulp is. The pulp is composed of blood vessels and nerve endings. In some cases, a crack can cause damage severe enough to warrant a root canal.

How a Dentist Can Help

Dental treatment depends on the type, location and seriousness of the crack. Dentists in Columbus, GA may be able to use resin to seal the crack. However, if there is pulp damage, the dentist may recommend an extraction or a root canal. If a patient is experiencing severe, sharp pain in the teeth, they should call Hamilton Family Dentistry and set an appointment right away. Cracked teeth should be treated immediately to prevent further damage and potential infection of the jawbone, gums and tooth pulp.


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