Dentists Offering Customized Dental Services for Smile Makeover

If the appearance of your teeth and gums are changing due to the natural aging process, then you should visit a dentist office in Highland Park for a complete evaluation. A smile makeover from a dentist can include a variety of customized dental services, but first, the dentist will collect medical images to determine if you have structural problems that require repair. A dental hygienist can clean your teeth with small instruments to remove the hardened plaque around your teeth. This substance contains bacteria that can erode your dental enamel or cause gingivitis, and it also leads to halitosis.

Customized Dental Crowns

When you have cavities, it is essential to have the decay filled with a color-matching material. Your dentist can also mix bonding material to apply to tiny chips and scratches on your teeth before polishing the dried substance. If you have a large cavity or a tooth is damaged severely, then a dentist office in Highland Park can create a customized dental crown to place over the tooth. In some cases, you will need a root canal for a damaged tooth, and this procedure requires anesthesia so that the dentist can remove the top of the tooth to suction the pulp, nerves and, roots.

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Today, if you have missing teeth, then you have several options available to fill in the gaps, including dentures, bridges or dental implants. Your dentist will offer advice concerning what type of dental restoration is best for you, but it is important to understand the benefits of each type. Bridges and dentures can feel uncomfortable, but the devices are more affordable than implants. However, implants are considered a permanent option because the devices are inserted into the bones of your mouth. Contact North Suburban Dental with our website.


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