Why Dentures and Partial Dentures Are Important

Anyone who has lost all or even some of their teeth understands the embarrassment and social pain that can go along with it. Many missing teeth are the result of accidental impacts or even sports injuries. Some are certainly due to poor dental care, but it is always wise to remember that just because someone has teeth missing does not mean that they have failed to brush and clean them.

Restoring Your Confidence

People with missing teeth will often experience social anxiety due to embarrassment and fear of disapproval. This can result in a huge amount of lost confidence and can negatively impact a person’s life, perhaps even leading to major anxiety and depression. One of the best ways to restore this lost confidence is to have full dentures or partial dentures made and fitted by a qualified dentist.

The Best Dentures

Both full and partial dentures are composed of a high grade biocompatible material that is durable, touch, and looks very natural. This last feature is important, as patients want their newly-fitted dentures to look as natural as possible so that they don’t stand out in a crowd. Indeed, many people enjoy the fantastic look of their dentures and the fact that they look clean and straight!

If you are at all concerned about your dentures slipping, it is possible to have them stabilized through the insertion of implants into the jawline. This means that the dentures will fit securely and will not rub on the bony ridges of the gum line, causing irritation and degradation of the local area.

If you are considering getting dentures fitted to restore your lost confidence, contact Dr. Kardaris at New Age Dental Care in Chesterfield today. They are available at 636-449-0215. You can follow them on Twitter for lates update!


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