Dentures vs. Implants: Reasons Implants are the Better Choice

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Dental Implants

It can be distressing enough when an individual begins to lose their teeth, but when a dentist asks “denture or implants”, it can become even more stressful. Dentures may seem like the best option to some, but for many others Dentures Edmonton, are the better option. There are numerous reasons why implants are a better choice than dentures.

Healthy, Natural-Look

It can be daunting to think that the individual’s smile may look different if he or she loses their teeth or receives dentures and it can make them feel uncomfortable when they are out in public. With dental implants, the teeth will fit, feel, function and look like a normal tooth, which will allow him or her to continue smiling or eating as they normally would. Dental implants are stable and strong, and they work without the fear of bone deterioration that can be caused by dentures.

Long-Term Solution

Unlike dentures or bridges, implants will not need replacement or maintenance and aside from adjustments from time to time, they are more likely to last a lifetime. Implants also will not cause the individual’s face to become sunken from the lack of teeth like those that dentures can. They will continue to retain the person’s face and let them keep their smile in the most comfortable way possible.

Far Easier to Use

Dentures will need to be placed in a cup every night before bed to ensure that there is no damage to the mouth while one sleeps. Dental implants do not require any more maintenance than normal teeth and will remain in the mouth as well. It is also considerably easier for the individual to get used to talking and eating with an implant as opposed to dentures because it will feel like a regular tooth. With dentures, it can take a while before the individual can learn to speak and eat again, which can be tiresome and make him or her feel self-conscious.

Implants are a long-term solution that will continue to make the individual’s teeth feel and look healthy and natural. Implants are also far easier to use than dentures, as they require less maintenance. This is an especially great option to help you be confident in your smile again. Your dentist will be able to explain in detail the benefits that implants can offer.

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