Different Types of Dentures To Consider

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Dentistry

Many people choose to get dentures because it improves their looks as well as helps them when they are trying to bite or chew food and can help with speech as well. If you do not have teeth, you can have facial structure problems and your physiology can be messed up. Luckily dentures are an easy fix to this problem. The procedure is quite simple and it starts with a visit to your family dentist. They can make a mould of your mouth so that they get the exact contours and indentations so that the dentures will match your mouth exactly.

Dentures are made to blend naturally with the color of your remaining teeth and are made so beautifully that you can hardly pick out someone who is wearing them. In early times dentures were made up from animal bones or from animal teeth, but later began to made from wood, resin, rubber and plastics. Porcelain has also been a very popular product to make dentures from, but the majority of Dentures Plantation are now made from acrylic because it is light weight and very strong.

There are 3 different types of dentures that you may want to be aware of and these include immediate dentures, implant retained dentures and partial dentures. Immediate dentures are a type of temporary dentures that are often created prior to the patient losing their natural teeth and after the teeth are removed then the denture is placed directly into the original tooth socket. Many patients who choose to have dentures in Houston, TX will go with the implant retained dentures because they provide more stability for chewing. These types of implants have to be positioned by a dental surgeon.

If you are only missing a few teeth then you may want to choose partial dentures. These dentures are attached to a plastic base with a metal frame that is made to keep the teeth positioned correctly in your mouth. The dentures are used to fill in the spaces in your mouth where the natural teeth are missing. By using the partial dentures, you are also helping your other teeth to stop from shifting in your mouth because they are held tight in their place by the dentures.

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