Do You Need a Pair of Dentures in DC?

When it comes to treatment for missing teeth, dentures are often the most common choice. Dentures allow teeth to be replaced without any invasive surgical procedures. Since they are well tolerated by most people and can be removed anytime needed, this is an option many people embrace. Those in need of Dentures in DC can learn valuable information by reading on.

To receive Dentures in DC, a person will first need to schedule a consultation appointment with their dentist to see if they are a good candidate. While most people can wear dentures comfortably, people with gum disease and oral cancer are not advised to wear them. A thorough examination of the oral cavity can allow a dentist to make sure his patient’s gums are healthy enough for dentures.

To create a pair of dentures, the dentist will need to make impressions of the gum plates. Since it is imperative dentures fit without sliding around in the mouth, this can ensure a perfect pair of custom dentures is created.

Many dental offices have an on-site lab that allows dentures to be created the same day. In some offices, impressions may need to be sent to an outside dental lab. If this is the case, it could take a week or so for the dentures to come back.

Once dentures are in place and the dentist is sure they provide a good fit, it will take time for the patient to grow accustomed to wearing them. Though they should not cause any major pain, they may cause some discomfort until a person’s gums begin to toughen up.

It is imperative patients continue to wear their dentures for the first few days. Many dentists even recommend their patients sleep in their dentures for a couple of nights to help them grow accustomed to wearing them. It will take a couple of weeks, but soon the dentures will feel like they are your own natural teeth.

Those who are interested in dentures should browse around this website. Visiting can give you the information you need to make an informed choice about whether or not dentures will be beneficial for you.


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