Do You Need to Find an Orthodontist in Downers Grove?

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Dental Services

If you are feeling self-conscious about your smile, a visit to a local Orthodontist in Downers Grove might be worth considering. Orthodontics typically refers to the straightening of teeth, and while for many it may be a purely cosmetic thing, for orthodontists their primary concern is a regular bite. Irregular teeth do affect some peoples’ self-esteem and its one of the primary reasons why people consider straightening. At the same time, what many don’t realize is that an irregular bite can actually be quite bad for the teeth over the long term, with irregular teeth being far more likely to suffer wear over time.

Misaligned teeth can have a severe impact on self-esteem, but the health issues as mentioned earlier need to be considered too. Irregular teeth can lead to speech impediments, which can remain if treatment is left until later in life. Irregular teeth can also lead to jaw pain, as the jaw tends to sit in an unnatural position. Some people will find it difficult to eat or chew, which is both tough on the jaw and teeth. It can also cause problems with sleep, where sleep apnea can become a problem with irregular breathing. Tooth decay and gum diseases can strike, while grinding of teeth while sleeping may also occur.

How Will an Orthodontist in Downers Grove Help Me?

Technology has improved greatly with orthodontics, and with its continuation improvement consultation and treatment has improved measurably. Orthodontists in Downers Grove are at the forefront of orthodontics, and many have specialized laboratories. The laboratories that are used these days tend to be digital, and with the new technology the costs of providing braces have started to drop. Braces have really never been this affordable. Material costs are lower, and with the improved speed with which orthodontists can now work, less time is required to assist their patients.

There are a few different methods that would be used to straighten the teeth too. Metal wires have been the most common for years, and they are attached to the ceramic materials which make up the braces. Over time, the extended pressure on the teeth pulls them into the position the orthodontist would like to see them in, after which the braces are removed and the correction remains permanent. The length of time they will be needed often depends on the extent of the work required on the teeth, and treatments can be for a few months to a few years in extreme cases.

Another popular method is Invisalign, which is a clear plastic alignment, but this often depends on the dentist or orthodontist and what they feel is best for your teeth. There are some alternatives, like plates and headgear, which can make slight adjustments to palates and jaw bones. These are typically used in children as they are growing and the treatment is more effective when the patient is younger but has already passed their baby teeth.

If you are looking for an Orthodontist in Downers Grove, contact Oakbrook Orthodontics and schedule an appointment.

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