What To Expect On Your First Visit To An Orthodontist In Glen Ellyn, IL

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Orthodontics

Typically, most people that book an appointment with an orthodontist in Glen Ellyn, IL do so after a referral from their family dentist. However, it is also possible to request an appointment as an individual, with many people recognizing they have a tooth or jaw alignment problem that needs to be corrected.

For parents, the pediatric dentist or general dentist that sees the family will typically recommend a visit to an orthodontist before the child is seven. This is recommended by the American Academy of Orthodontists and will be instrumental in determining if the child has a potential alignment problem that may create issues in the future. Early treatment can help to quickly correct the issue and allow the teeth to grow in straight, aligned and with the correct bite.

The First Visit

Regardless of the age of the patient or how the referral occurred, the first visit to the orthodontist in Glen Ellyn, IL, is typically a consultation visit. This is particularly comforting to younger patients as they will have a tour of the office, get to know the staff and to understand what the doctor will do.

In most cases, the orthodontists will require x-rays. These will be different than the x-rays taken by the general dentist. Most offices now use highly advanced imaging systems, and there will usually be photographs as well as computerized models made of the mouth that can be used to help to explain issues to patients and parents.

The Results

The orthodontist will discuss the issues noted in the diagnostics. He or she will outline the possible treatment options and answer any questions. At the same time, you will also have information on the duration and cost of the treatment to allow you to make the right decision for your unique needs and situation.

Once you make a choice of treatments, the staff will schedule your next appointment to start the corrective action recommended.

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