Are You Faced With A Dental Emergency?

There are many reasons for seeing a dentist; some visits can be scheduled while others are of an emergency nature. So as to avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist but to ensure that your teeth are not jeopardized, it is important that you know how to differentiate regular dental care from an emergency. Accidents don’t happen only when it is convenient for you; they can and do happen any time of the day or night. Some injuries to your teeth can wait while others demand an immediate trip to an emergency dentist in West Town.

Common dental injuries:

There are plenty of common dental injuries that do not need immediate attention. There are others, such as a cracked or broken tooth or one that is completely knocked out that demand emergency intervention.

If the chip or crack is not serious, in many cases it can wait for your dentist’s regular opening hours for attention. If the crack is severe or a large part of a tooth has been broken off or a tooth is knocked out, these types of things are definitely emergencies and require care from an emergency dentist in West Town.

If a tooth is knocked out:

When a tooth is knocked out, getting care is time sensitive; the longer the tooth is out of its socket the more difficult it can be to get it to stay back in place. Avoid touching the tooth, especially by the root. If you can, place the tooth directly back into the socket, put a gauze pad over it and gently hold it in position by biting down on it.

If the tooth simply will not go back in the socket, hold it by the enamel and rinse it under running water to eliminate any debris. Once the tooth is clean carry it to the emergency dentist in West Town in a container of milk or yogurt.

Never hesitate to call your dentist; even if the dentist is not available you can rest assured that the answering machine will contain instructions on what you should do.

If you have broken a tooth or knocked a tooth out you will need an emergency dentist in West Town. You are invited to contact Washington Dental Care for assistance.


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