Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants In DC

If you have several teeth missing, you may have difficulties eating, and you may feel embarrassed. If this sounds familiar, dental implants are a popular option that you may want to consider. Before speaking with a dental professional who specializes in Dental Implants in DC, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this cosmetic procedure.

Q.) What are dental implants and how does a dentist perform this procedure?

A.) A dental implant consists of a titanium rod that’s surgically placed down into the jawbone, an attachment post and a replacement tooth that’s secured to the post. After a dentist implants the rod down into the jawbone, a patient must wait for three to six months so the jawbone can sufficiently attach itself to the rod. The next step is to connect a metal post to the top of the rod. After about one month, the final step is finished when the dentist attaches a replacement tooth to the top of the post.

Q.) Do dental implants look like natural teeth and is it difficult to care for them?

A.) A dentist shapes the dental implants to match up with the remaining teeth. Other people won’t notice that you have dental implants because they look so much like natural teeth. It’s very simple to take care of dental implants because you brush and floss them like usual when you’re taking care of your natural teeth.

Q.) What are some benefits of having dental implants?

A.) Dental implants are a permanent option for the replacement of missing teeth, and they are a lifetime solution for most patients. Individuals who have dental implants have no food restrictions, and they can eat any types of foods that they like. Dental implants won’t move around in your mouth, so there’s no danger of them flying out when sneezing, talking or yawning. Speak with an experienced dentist who specializes in Dental Implants in DC if you have any additional questions about the procedure.

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