Get a Great Smile With Help From Cosmetic Dentists Cincinnati

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry is the unique field of dentistry where the dentist works to give their patient a bright, warm and confident smile. There can be many steps to improving a person’s smile from the most common cavity treatments to the alignment of teeth, but these are mostly functional in their purpose. However, most cosmetic applications are geared to improve the look of that smile. Some are aimed at making the smile bright and white while others shape the teeth so they are more evenly matched. Some techniques simply cover the teeth while others replace missing teeth.

One of the most common methods used by today’s Cosmetic Dentists Cincinnati is teeth whitening. This is a chemical application of hydrogen peroxide on the enamel of the teeth. The purpose is to remove any accumulated stains a person can get from certain foods or drinks. Things that can stain the teeth include coffee and teas, the use of tobacco products and certain dark colored foods including things like cherry pie. These treatments often take between fifteen and thirty minutes in the dentists office and are usually a comfortable visit.

Another treatment performed by Cosmetic Dentists Cincinnati is the application of veneers. The use of veneers is to place a simple cover over badly aligned teeth, teeth that can’t be easily shaped or teeth that are heavily stained. In many cases the dentist cannot get the patient’s teeth to shape properly or evenly and a veneer will give an even and smooth look. Likewise, whitening the teeth will not always work for every patient and veneers allow the dentist to cover those tough stains, leaving the patient with a nice bright smile. Veneers are also an easy application for most patients. However, they may require a few visits to ensure the teeth are properly prepared for the new covering. Plus, each person’s veneer is unique and must be made by the dental office to fit their mouth.

Selecting the best dentist to do your cosmetic work takes some time. The best choices include dental offices such as Afinia Dental who are ADA (American Dental Association) accredited. It also helps if you feel comfortable with the dentists and staff members of that office. Many offices will give you a tour of the facilities and some will give you a chance to meet the dentists before you make an appointment.

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