Getting Whiter Teeth Through Custom Teeth Bleaching Trays in Vancouver WA

Having whiter teeth has become a new obsession in today’s society. To recover the lost sparkle, there are several methods to achieve white teeth and the smile you crave. Healthy white teeth are synonymous with beauty. However, although the color of your smile is determined by your genes it is also true that the teeth change appearance throughout life. This change in the enamel occurs for different reasons. The most common are the habits that you have – like smoking or drinking a lot of coffee – or just through natural causes. If you have yellow teeth, do not be discouraged! Today, there are many options to whiten teeth and one of them is with Custom Teeth Bleaching Trays in Vancouver WA.

For starters, it’s worth taking a look at the factors that affect the color of your teeth:

• External causes: In general, many causes of teeth staining are related to food. This happens when you abuse certain drinks (coffee, tea, wine or cola) or foods that stain teeth (curry, soy sauce and so on). Tobacco also stains teeth. In this case, the whitening process is simple.

• Internal causes: This could be genetic or due to the use of certain drugs, such as tetracycline when given to children before they form their adult teeth. In this case, whitening can be a more complicated procedure.

There are several products for whitening teeth. Several of them are sold without a prescription, from toothpastes, rinses, strips that are applied to the teeth, or those that are custom-made; and procedures that can be performed in the dentist’s office. Pastes or creams contain substances that are slightly abrasive, but polish teeth. The rest of the products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in different concentrations. The result depends on the concentration, the time it is implemented and how often it is applied. The best results are obtained when it a professional provides Custom Teeth Bleaching Trays in Vancouver WA. Of course, since it is a cosmetic procedure it is not covered by insurance and can be expensive.

Some people are sensitive to these products though. You should not use it without consulting your dentist, especially if you have sensitive teeth or sore gums. If you are allergic to peroxide, it is contraindicated. No one who has cavities, infections, gum disease or dental problems should use them without the first dental problem is resolved. Contact Lewis Family Dentistry to learn more.


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