What Happens When You Get Teeth Implants in Eagan MN?

Teeth implants are used to complete smiles and help individuals eat a wider array of foods more comfortably. When an individual is missing teeth, they will often feel embarrassed about their appearance. Unfortunately, society is not always kind in its judgment of appearance and missing teeth can often have a negative impact on a person’s personal and professional life. Those who have missing teeth issues can find help from the dentist with Teeth Implants in Eagan MN.

Implants Transform Smiles

Individuals are often amazed when they see their smile after an implant has been put in place. Implants fill in gaps and allow individuals to overcome their embarrassment over having missing teeth. Once the implant has been placed in the mouth, the result is a natural look that is difficult to detect. With a natural look, individuals will not have to worry about anyone knowing they have had dental work.

Those who want a permanent replacement for missing teeth should seek Teeth Implants in Eagan MN. Implants are meant to last a lifetime as long as they are properly cared for. This involves proper oral hygiene practices and seeing the dentist on a regular basis for maintenance and care. These steps will help individuals to avoid complications from their implant so their oral health can be protected.

How Are Implants Placed?

Individuals who want to have implants put in place will go through a surgical procedure. This procedure places the titanium implant base into the gum tissue so it can begin bonding with the jawbone. Bonding is crucial for ensuring the implant will be able to properly perform as a human tooth would. It also ensures the implant will last for a lifetime without becoming dislodged from the jaw.

Once the implant base is in, the other two parts are added, so the implant is made complete. This process takes time but results in a flawless tooth replacement that gives individuals their self-confidence back.

To learn more about dental implants and how they can improve smiles, Visit the website. Contact the Dakota Dental & Implant Center today, so a consultation appointment can be scheduled right away.


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