Have Your Dental Procedures Done While You Relax Using a Sedation Dentist in Redding

In order to keep your teeth healthy and looking great it is important to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, a number of people are afraid of the dentist, and some of them avoid these visits at all costs. Thankfully, dental appointments don’t have to be a thing to regret because some dentists are trained as a Sedation Dentist in Redding. That is, you can be in a completely relaxed state during the procedure(s) being performed and be free from anxiety. There are different methods for sedation dentistry such as nitrous oxide, oral anesthesia or light sedation.

Nitrous oxide is a gas. You may also know it as laughing gas. It is delivered with a mix of oxygen fed into a small mask or nasal port. This type of sedation doesn’t actually put you to sleep although many patients are so relaxed that they forget they are at the dentist. Combine nitrous with another form of distraction such as music or videos and you may not even recall the dental procedure at all. This is the benefit of mild sedation. You are conscious and aware, yet you are in a state where it is easy for the dentist to do the work required.

More intense methods of sedation may be used such as Triazolam. This is a mild sedative that is often used in cases of insomnia. It is generally administered an hour before the appointment, so it has time to be effective. The medication is usually a pill that can be purchased at the local pharmacy and using it will require that you have someone available to drive you to and from the dentist. This form of sedation can be useful for avoiding the stress associated with both the procedure and the visit. Of course, you may still need other aids such as local anesthetics for the jaw and gum tissue.

The last option in dental sedation is an IV (Intra Venous) delivered sedative. This process is still done in the office and is handled by a dentist with special training in administering sedatives. You are generally not asleep during this process although you can be. An IV sedative is an option when the procedure could take some time because the dentist has control of how long you are sedated. Click Here if you want to learn more about using a Sedation Dentist in Redding.



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