How Do the Dentists in Pampa TX Check for Cavities?

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Dentists

When a person is suffering from a cavity, they need to see one of the Dentists in Pampa TX. Thankfully, dentists can often detect a cavity before a patient even begins to notice symptoms. It is crucial people see their dentist on a regular basis for preventative care appointments. These appointments allow a dentist to find the signs of cavities while they are just beginning so repairs can be carried out before major damages occur.

The signs of cavities may include:

1. Pain when biting down or when exposed to temperature changes
2. White or dark spots on the tooth
3. Damage to the tooth outside of blunt trauma
4. Increased sensitivity
5. Foul breath

Dentists in Pampa TX will first examine a patient to determine how healthy their teeth appear. Outward signs sometimes do not show until a cavity has become advanced. The dentist will ask the patient about any symptoms they may be experiencing to help determine whether or not a cavity is present. The most important step in diagnosing a cavity is X-rays.

X-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool that allows any hidden issues to be discovered by a dentist. X-rays can reveal the smallest of cavities so the dentist can repair the tooth before major damages occur to the structural stability of the tooth. This is vital for protecting the health of a person’s smile and preventing the spread of decay among many teeth.

To repair a cavity, the dentist will first need to remove the damaged areas of the tooth. It is important as much decay is removed as possible so it will not continue to spread and damage the tooth. Once the damaged areas have been removed, a filling can be put in place, so the tooth is made stronger and is sealed.

If you are in need of further information on cavity care or other dental services, Click Here. Panhandle Dental provides the extensive dental services their patients need so they can keep a healthy, beautiful smile. Call them today and ask them to schedule you a preventative care appointment so you can protect the health of your teeth and gums.

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