How People in Chicago, IL Treat a Painful Toothache and How to Prevent Them

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Cosmetic Dentists

What’s a toothache in Northalsted Chicago, IL? It’s a toothache just like any other anywhere else in the world, except that Chicagoans have their own way of treating their toothaches. Preventing them is far better, but if you have a toothache in Northalsted Chicago, IL, there’s only one place to go.

A Toothache Can Be Any Number of Things

\Toothaches are experienced when there’s a sensitive nerve in the tooth, a sensitivity to cold or hot foods, or a cavity that reaches deep into the tooth. A toothache can also be a sign of something more serious, which is why you should visit a dentist immediately. Only a dentist can find the cause of the toothache and provide the correct treatment. In the meantime, avoid doing anything that causes you to experience pain with the tooth and brush and floss as often as you normally would.

Preventing a Toothache

It is possible to prevent a toothache. When a toothache may be caused by a cavity, you can prevent it with excellent oral hygiene. When the toothache is caused by heat or cold, you can generally avoid it by avoiding extreme temperatures in your food and drinks.

Brushing with a special toothpaste that targets the sensitive tooth and eases the pain. If you still experience pain, you can always use an over-the-counter tooth numbing agent to get through your meals. Schedule an appointment with Northalstead Dental Spa at your earliest convenience so that one of the best dentists in Chicago can help you.

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