How to Choose a Dentist in Rochester, MN

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Dentistry

There certainly are a lot of dentists in the Rochester, MN area. How can you pick just one for you and your family? Very easily — if you follow these tips for choosing a Dentist in Rochester, MN.

Ask for Recommendations

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth recommendations for finding out inside information on local dentists. If you have trusted friends and family members in Rochester that have healthy teeth, ask them if they would recommend their dentist. You can also ask your regular doctor or a Rochester area pharmacist for contact information. If you have health insurance, ask your health insurance provider if any dentists are enrolled in their program. However, dental insurance is usually separate from health insurance.

Check Out the MDA

MDA stands for the Minnesota Dental Association. Their website includes information about their low-cost state dental programs, dental insurance and a list of MDA member dentists. Go to the homepage and then click on the “Your Oral Health” tab. When the drop-down menu opens up, click on “Choosing a Dentist.” That takes you to a page with tips and a link called “Find a Minnesota Dental Association Member Dentist.” This isn’t exactly a recommendation but can quickly give you the contact information for Rochester area dentists to start your search.

Check Out the Route to the Office

Getting to and from the dentist’s office may be the deciding factor in picking a dentist. You need to be able to get there easily enough if you have a broken tooth or are experiencing tooth pain. Check out to see if the office is clearly signed and has ample parking. If it doesn’t have any parking, are there any other places nearby where you can park? Dentist offices without many parking spots will often have deals with local fast food restaurants, stores or banks to allow their patients to park there.

Check Out the Office

The waiting room and examining rooms should be clean and free of clutter like piles of files. A good dentist will be happy to explain their hygiene procedures to you upon request. It is normal for dentist’s offices to have a burnt hair smell.

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