Improve Your Smile with Braces in Manassas

Your smile is the first thing that people notice when they first meet you. The old saying that you only get one chance at a first impression holds true, and people are often self conscious about showing off their smile if they have crooked or overlapping teeth. Getting your teeth straightened in order to show off your wonderful smile is the first of many reasons to show why getting Braces in Manassas is a good idea. Braces will straighten teeth and allow you to feel better about the way your teeth look. This small factor can pay huge dividends when it comes to feeling better about the way you look.

Another very important reason for getting braces is help prevent tooth decay. Teeth that are overlapping and crooked are more likely to harbor bacteria between them. This bacteria is what forms plaque and tartar on the teeth, and that is eventually what leads to cavities and other more serious problems. A consultation with a local Gainesville Orthodontics expert like Dr. Peter Yi will confirm that the cost and time commitment involved with getting braces will be well worth the investment in the future.

Under bites, over bites and other misaligned teeth can cause other health problems besides tooth decay. While these problems aren’t quite as common, they can still be significant in the future. Headaches, earaches, and biting or chewing problems can all be caused by teeth that haven’t been treated properly with Braces in Manassas. Rather than suffer these issues in the future, it is a much better choice to spend the money on braces now and be more proactive about your health.

Dr. Yi and his team has more to offer than just putting braces on your teeth. There is another option called Invisalign which does the same type of work as braces, but without the metal brackets attached to your teeth. The Invisalign retainers are a good option for some people which can be discussed further at an initial consultation appointment. The team is also able to perform corrective jaw surgery in cases where it is necessary, and make use of head gear and spacers when they are needed in younger patients.


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