Knowledge is Power with the General Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ

There is a lot to learn before ever stepping into the dentist’s office, but a personal touch is absolutely required. Patients should not get carried away diagnosing themselves and trying tactics they read about online. Some of these could be disastrous and be more harm than good.

The General Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ, Rosen and Dworkin, empowers patients with knowledge. This will include an understanding of all the different procedures available with a slew of varying issues. This may also include cosmetic solutions to different points of concern. General dentistry is often more than just fixing problems. The art of a General Dentist inCherry Hill,NJis in working with a patient and finding a solution to their ailments that is functional, appropriate, and understood by the patient.

Learn About the Options

The Internet is a scary place for individuals with certain ailments. Is that white spot cancer? Maybe it is cancer? It has to be cancer! These thoughts swim through one’s mind as they research the web for answers. The best practice is speaking specifically with a seasoned General Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ. Dr. Rosen and Dr. Dworkin have decades of cumulative knowledge in the field. They can specifically diagnose an issue. For example, a patient enters the office with jaw pain. is it a new diet? is it additional stress? Or is it TMJ disorder (an issue arising between the jaw and ears and causes pulsating and chronic jaw pain). Options will include:

  • mouth guards
  • muscle relaxing exercises
  • stress reducing
  • frequent visits for adjustments

For just this one issue, at least four possible options are on the table.

What Type of Issue Is This?

There are very different approaches that can be taken from one patient to the other, even if the issue is essentially the same. Take, for example, a missing tooth. A missing tooth towards the back of the mouth is a major issue, for bacteria can be more easily embedded into the grooves along the gums. On the other hand, a missing tooth in the front can perhaps be filled at a later date and with a different method.

There are many various ways to approach dental procedures, and inCherry Hill, the solution is personalized.


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