Learn About Tooth Whitening In Chicago And Why It Is Necessary

While most people don’t pay attention to other’s smiles, it can be embarrassing to see stained or yellowing teeth. Even if you brush properly and floss correctly, you could still have discoloration, making it embarrassing to laugh or smile. Tooth whitening options are available from most dentists in Chicago, making it easy to whiten your smile and look and feel better.

Reasons For Discoloration

There can be many reasons for tooth discoloration and there are two forms of discoloration. Intrinsic discoloration is typically caused by age and using certain medications while extrinsic discoloration is usually caused by food, drinks, tobacco use and poor oral hygiene. In most cases, you will experience extrinsic discoloration, which can include drinking coffee or tea, smoking cigarettes or cigars and eating certain foods.

It is also important to understand that all discoloration isn’t the same. Many people notice yellow teeth because they smoke, though you may have a chalky, kind of grayish appeal to your teeth or have brown spotting. Usually, bleaching gels can be used to whiten the teeth, though in rare cases, whiteners are not able to make any difference and crowns or veneers must be used to mask the discoloration.

Preventing Discoloration

For those that want to prevent their teeth from becoming discolored, there are a few things you can do. Brushing and flossing regularly will definitely help, and if you use a toothpaste with a whitening agent, that can also help keep discoloration at bay. You may also want to stop smoking and drinking dark liquids or brush your teeth thoroughly after using those drinks and tobacco to help even more.

How To Whiten

Many times, a dental cleaning can help whiten and freshen the teeth, but in many cases, the discoloration is too great and a bleaching gel must be used. While there are OTC whiteners on the market today, they aren’t as strong as what you’ll see at the dentist. If you simply want one or two shades lighter or have very light discoloration, at home kits can be extremely helpful. Otherwise, you’ll want to see a professional.

Why Visit A Dentist?

In most cases, OTC options just aren’t strong enough to get the best, most dazzling results. That is why many people visit their dentist for tooth whitening options in Chicago, because your dentist has stronger gels that will whiten faster and for longer periods.

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