Maintenance for a Removable Dental Bridge in Laurel, MD

A Removable Dental Bridge in Laurel MD is needed if there are two or more teeth missing in the same place. The other option is a fixed dental bridge that is implanted. That is a bit more involved because the tops of the surrounding teeth have to be removed so caps can be made to hold everything in place. Once the implant is completed, there is no other maintenance required. Either bridge is made of gum-colored plastic resin, an acrylic base, and either porcelain or resin replacement teeth.

The bridge is important for overall oral health because the empty space will cause the other teeth to shift. That can cause a misaligned bite or damage to the mouth or jaw and trap food particles and germs in the newly-created spaces. Plaque builds up and leads to further decay, bad breath, and possible gum disease. A Removable Dental Bridge in Laurel MD will last for at least five to seven years if it is well maintained. Keeping it clean is as important as keeping real teeth clean. Brushing the gum and rinsing the empty space is essential to keep germs from infecting the area. Other maintenance includes having the bridge relined. That process involves resurfacing the base of the bridge to accommodate contours of the mouth. It is needed for proper fit and function of the bridge over time. Patients can click here to get more info on bridges and dentures.

Implants are also available for single permanent teeth that are missing. Routine dental examinations and semi-annual cleanings can help prevent plaque, gum disease, and decay from causing tooth loss. Many adults get out of the habit of seeing a dentist regularly to the detriment of their overall health. They decide they do not have the time, or they forget to schedule appointments. Those without insurance consider the cost too high. Neglected oral health leads to other health problems such as respiratory issues, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. An increase in colds, flu, and infection are also the result of poor dental health. The costs of missing work due to illness and covering medical bills are higher than a routine dental cleaning.


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