Make Your First Impression Count: Tips from San Diego Dentistry Experts

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Dentists

You only get one chance to make a first impression and most people would agree that physical appearance is a major part of making a great first impression. It’s especially important in key life circumstances, like interviewing for your dream job or meeting your fiance’s parents for the first time. In situations like those, the last thing you want is to look unprofessional or unkempt; paying attention to the small details is what can take you from an average candidate to an outstanding one, or a nice girl to the ideal daughter-in-law. These details include clothes, hair and skin, and, most importantly, teeth. With these simple tips from San Diego Dentistry experts, you can make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Clothes are an essential part of creating a tasteful and appropriate appearance. When you’re interviewing for a job, the key thing to remember is that your outfit should reflect the general tone of the company or field that you’re applying for. Don’t show up to an interview with a legal firm in the bright colors and trendy cuts that would fit in better at a public relations company, and vice versa. By dressing appropriately, you show that you’re aware of expectations and can adjust accordingly, which is also necessary for meeting the parents. In a similar vein, your hairstyle should fit the occasion. Maybe you like rocking a Mohawk on the weekends, but make sure you have a more professional look for the office. Piercing and tattoos fall into this category as well; a good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t go to the White House with a certain look, don’t use it for the office. Attractive teeth, on the other hand, are a universal requirement for career advancement, making new friends, and even getting better service at restaurants and other establishments. Crooked teeth, or teeth that are dingy or stained, are unattractive and make it look like you don’t care about your personal appearance, which can send the message that you’re unreliable or unqualified. If your teeth are less than ideal, make an appointment to discuss options with your dental provider.

First impressions can last for a long time, so take the advice of San Diego Dentistry experts and make the most of your first impression by paying attention to your appearance. Remember, small details add up to making a big hit.


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