Need Teeth Whitening? Weatherford TX Dentists can Help

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Dentistry

There are a lot of reasons why teeth can discolor. Genetics, antibiotics, and some foods can all cause teeth to darken or stain. Most peoples’ teeth get darker as they age and dentin and enamel change. When people are exposed to tetracycline or flouride or have trauma, it can affect tooth color. Today there are many options to lighten teeth, and dentists can help their patients choose the right one. When deciding on options for Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX dentists will consider their patient’s history, overall health, age, and the condition of their teeth.

Before teeth are whitened, dentists will determine the reason for discoloration. If patients are smokers, drink tea or coffee, or eat certain foods, their dental professional will educate them about how to make lifestyle changes to brighten their smile. Underlying health problems may have to be corrected before the lightening process is effective. Some of the whitening methods currently available include:

RINSES: For patients who just want a gradual whitening for teeth that are mildly stained, a simple rinse can help brighten teeth between professional cleanings.

OVER THE COUNTER: When patients are considering Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX dentists may offer them the choice of using over-the-counter products. When used with professional dental supervision, these whitening strips, gels, toothpastes, and mouth trays can be effective.

IN OFFICE WHITENING: The safest and most effective teeth whitening process is an in-office procedure. During professional Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX dentists use a strong whitening agent, but they protect the patient’s mouth and gums from harm. Dentists fit a tray to the patient’s mouth. Unlike over-the-counter trays, these professional trays ensure that whitening gel doesn’t leak and irritate the mouth or gums. The process can even be done on sensitive teeth. Professional whitening can lighten teeth several shades in just one visit. In-office procedures can last for a long time and patients can supplement the affect with at-home options.

Teeth Whitening Weatherford TX – Teeth can discolor for any number of reasons, but modern dental processionals are trained to diagnose the problems, educate patients, and develop a treatment plan to brighten teeth. These can involve in-office procedures, supplemented by rinses or over-the-counter whitening products.

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