Practicing Gum Disease Prevention in Lawrence, KS Saves People’s Smiles

If your gums bleed, you should not dismiss the condition. Gums that bleed indicate that you may have gum disease. If your gums are swollen and red, you need to make an appointment with a dentist to address your periodontal needs. Because the gums anchor the teeth, you need to make sure that they are healthy and pink.

Practice a Routine of Regular Brushing and Flossing

That is why gum disease prevention in Lawrence, KS is followed by conscientious patients. To make sure that you preserve your gums and smile, you need to follow a regimen of regular dental care. If you find that you need periodontal treatment, you will need to support the therapy by following a regimen of brushing and flossing at home. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth morning and night and brush your teeth after snacks.

Gum disease prevention begins with you. If you have neglected your at-home dental care, you need to make a resolution to improve the situation. Brushing and flossing do not take much time and will make you feel better overall. If you cannot brush and floss at work or are in a venue where it is impossible, at least rinse your mouth with water. You should also chew a sugarless gum to freshen your breath and keep your mouth clean.

See Your Dentist and Follow Routine Dental Care at Home

An ounce of gum disease prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, do all that you can to maintain healthy gums and teeth. If your gums bleed, first have the condition addressed and follow up with a formatted routine of brushing and flossing at home.

For more details about caring for your gums and teeth, contact us for all the details. Make a concerted effort to take care of your smile and it will serve you well throughout your life.


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