How Should You Prepare for Your Root Canal Filling in Saskatoon?

Root canal fillings in Saskatoon have been given bad reputations over the years because many sufferers don’t realize the benefits that come from getting a root canal when your dentist thinks that you should. However, if you have decided to follow your dentist’s suggestion and make that appointment, you need to know how to prepare for the procedure in advance. Read on below for some suggestions for preparing for your root canal treatment.

Don’t Take Any Painkillers
It is important not to take any painkillers before your root canal filling in Saskatoon, even though well-meaning family and friends may tell you it’s a good idea. In reality, you are going to be given an anesthetic that will numb the pain and won’t need any additional painkillers on top of that. Taking painkillers will also numb any kind of pain you are feeling in the affected area, making it impossible for you to tell your dentist where the pain is located if he asks.

Never Drink the Night Before Your Procedure
Many people, because they are anxious, will drink the night before their root canal procedure. This is the worst thing you can do, as you need to be in good shape when you go in to have your treatment. Going to a root canal with a hangover is not going to be good for you and may make even the littlest prick feel like a bigger pain than it is.

These are just a few of the top tips for preparing for your root canal procedure. For more information on your root canal filling in Saskatoon, contact the professionals at Preston Dental for help and to make your appointment. They can also answer any of your remaining questions at that time.


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