What Does a Quality Routine of Dental Care in Ann Arbor, MI Consist Of?

For most people, brushing their teeth on a daily basis is part of their routine. However, in order to maintain great oral health, a Dental Care in Ann Arbor MI should include a few more steps. Getting to know what these steps are can help a person-;regardless of age-;maintain great oral health throughout their life.


Brushing the teeth is an important step. However, not only does a person need to brush their teeth, they need to make sure they do it properly. Rather than going back and forth on the surface of the teeth, a person should use small, circular motions. This helps to remove the plaque and germs that have accumulated around the gum line and in all the crevices of the teeth. Also, an individual needs to brush for a period of two and a half to three minutes. Just brushing for a few seconds will not remove germs and plaque effectively.


In addition to brushing the teeth, a person needs to floss at least once a day. Many people avoid this step altogether simply because it takes a bit more time. However, all types of germs and plaque can gather between the teeth. If a person fails to floss, these particles will remain in place, causing cavities, gum disease, or other issues. If a person is unsure how to floss properly, they should ask their dentist.

Professional Cleaning Appointments

According to dentists, a person needs to have their teeth cleaned professionally two times a year. While there are some people who may have to go more often than that, this is only the case if they have a serious issue present with their teeth. During these biannual cleanings, the dentist will check the mouth for any signs of a problem, including cavities, gum disease or oral cancer.

Dental care in Ann Arbor MI is not something that should be ignored or forgotten about. By seeking regular, professional cleanings, a person can keep their teeth healthy and white throughout their life. Additional help and information are provided to individuals who take the time to browse our website.


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