Saving Your Mouth With Dental Implants

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Dentistry

Dental implants are simply artificial tooth roots used to hold your replacement teeth. Many implants are made of titanium due to its durability, and they are drilled right into the jawbone. If an expert orthodontic performs a proper install, your implants should function just as well as natural teeth and have a lifespan of over a decade. Luckily, many clinics offer dental implants in North Hollywood.

Implants Will Retain Your Natural Face Shape

Missing teeth cause more harm than just a toothless smile. The imbalance of pearly whites result in an uneven bite and can also make your face appear uneven. It is for aesthetic reasons that most people choose to get dental implants in North Hollywood.

Great for Bone Health

The empty gaps in your teeth can ultimately lead to the deterioration of your jaw bone. The jaw bone is essential for multiple functions of your mouth, and it will get weak and brittle over time without a foundation of strong natural teeth or implants. Dental implants can stimulate growth in the jaw bone so that it can recover back its former glory.

Dental Implants Don’t Get Cavities

The limited enamel on our natural teeth is one of the biggest defects in the human body. Your teeth are very prone to cavities, even if properly cared for. Implanted teeth are artificial, and, unlike your natural teeth, implanted teeth are immune to cavities thanks to their hardiness.

Protect Your Teeth Better than a Bridge

The installation of a dental bridge may damage surrounding teeth. Dental implants are installed into the jaw bone and have the same protective effect on the rest of your teeth as a bridge, without the damaging effects. Shifting of your teeth is also prevented thanks to the filled gap by the implant.

Considering the above, dental implants certainly worth looking into. You will be able to enjoy the same feeling of having natural teeth with some additional perks as well. If you’re ready, there are dentists waiting to help. Head into your nearest AAID accredited dentist to get dental implants in North Hollywood.

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