See an Oral Surgeon for Effective Jaw Facial Pain Treatment in Jackson, MI

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Dentistry

Dentists do much more than fill cavities or make teeth whiter. They play a critical role in maintaining a person’s overall health. This includes Jaw Facial Pain Treatment in Jackson MI. When a person experiences persistent pain in the side of their face, head or ears, they may be experiencing TMJ. This stands for Temporomandibular Joint and refers to a condition caused when that joint isn’t functioning properly. The jaw might make popping sounds or even lock. Because it involves nerves, the symptoms can also travel to other parts of the body and may include headaches, earaches and dizziness. An oral surgeon has the experience and qualifications to oversee their treatment.

Jaw Facial Pain Treatment in Jackson MI requires that the oral surgeon evaluate the jaw joint. It’s no different from any other joint in the body. The pain can be caused by muscles pulling it out of place, or it can be a defect in the joint itself. If the problem is a muscle spasm, the dentist may suggest muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medicines. Physical therapy can also help bring the muscles, tendons and ligaments back into balance. Mouthguards, orthodontic appliances and retainers may also be used to gently nudge the jaw joint into proper alignment.

If these treatments don’t reduce the pain and other symptoms, the oral surgeon will order an MRI to determine if the cushion or disc associated with the jaw joint is herniated or has slipped out of place. In these cases, surgery may be necessary. The oral surgeon could perform a minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery that loosens the joint or repositions a slipped disc. In the case of a seriously injured jaw joint, it may be necessary to replace the entire joint. This is usually not performed until every other treatment has been tried.

Cynthia A. Ryder, D.M.D is one of the oral surgeons in Jackson, MI that treat jaw and facial pain. She has had her own practice since 1998 and provides compassionate and caring surgical treatments. People who are experiencing this type of pain can Get additional info here. They can then contact the office to set up an appointment.

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