Seeing a Dentist in Eagan MN for Crown Placement

Crowns are a huge part of the dental world. Over the past couple decades, this treatment has grown in popularity especially in the celebrity world. You didn’t think your favorite celebrity was born with that smile did you? With respect to dental crowns, many people ask their Dentist in Eagan MN many things including the following:

Will a crown’s color change after a dental whitening or after many years pass? The answer is no, as this is done with a porcelain covering which keeps its color. It is, therefore, important to decide if you want to undergo a tooth whitening procedure before the crown is placed, because once it is placed the color stays the same. Will the new crown be susceptible to cavities or decay? The crown will not decay, but the area at the junction of the crown and the tooth is very prone to decay. This is why your Dentist in Eagan MN will suggest you come in for a cleaning every six months. During this visit, the dentist will take x-rays of the area so he or she can evaluate it.

You would not believe how many times this has happened, patients get their dental treatments only to disregard the maintenance needed to ensure a healthy mouth for years to come. The bottom line is that if you do not visit the dentist as recommended, you are opening your mouth up to cavities, decay, pain and an empty pocket. If a patient does not perform routine maintenance and daily hygiene, the crown must be replaced and, in the worst cases, the tooth may undergo a root canal, gum extension or extraction.

How long is a dental crown? This is a difficult question to answer, it’s the same as asking a cardiologist how long a heart transplant will last, however, studies have been done and it is determined that a crown can last up to 5 years without problems as long as the patient follows the instructions given by Dakota Dental & Implant Center. These consist of dental cleanings every six months, strict control by radiographs and impeccable daily oral hygiene. You should visit the website to learn more.


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