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by | Mar 9, 2012 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentists specialize in making people’s gums and teeth look far more aesthetically pleasing. Cosmetic dentistry does not involve treating any type of dental oral diseases, however if necessary they are able to do so. It is a highly specialized field involving many procedures. These range from straightening teeth with devices such as braces, to providing crowns and bridges, whitening treatments and many others. A cosmetic dentist Lancaster, CA professional is in the business of improving an individual’s smile.

Tooth Whitening Procedures
There are a variety of whitening products which can be purchased and used by people in the comfort of their home. However, dentists can do a much better and far more professional tooth whitening on patients. This has become one of the most common procedures requested by clients. It’s typically employed by those having stained teeth as a result of certain foods, tobacco and coffee usage.

Teeth Alignment and Straightening
This is another highly sought after cosmetic dental procedure. When people have crooked or broken teeth, they can visit the cosmetic dental clinic and have these straightened. A variety of methods are employed to straighten crooked teeth. They include using traditional braces placed onto teeth which exert pressure and pull them into their desired position. Also, you’ll find many are using invisible braces that are not noticeable and convenient.

Getting Dental Implants
Dental implants are used for replacing missing teeth, and there are a variety of implants available. This is considered an invasive surgery; however it’s performed on an outpatient basis. Usually, it will require several visits to a dentist to complete the procedure. Also, since it is invasive, some people may not be ideal candidates. It’s recommended to visit a dentist in order to discuss your health and medical history. Bridges also are frequently used for replacing missing teeth. This however is different from a dental implant. A bridge will anchor to the neighboring teeth as support.

Porcelain Veneers for a Brighter Smile
Getting porcelain veneers can vastly improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth. These are placed on the surface to enlarge or reshape them. Usually, veneers must be custom-made and are ordered through the dentist. They consist of thin layers of porcelain fixed directly on a tooth. It’s an excellent solution for teeth which are cracked, broken and chipped. Your cosmetic dentist Lancaster, CA provider will go over the many available options to enhance your smile.

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