Signs you May Need a Veneer

When it comes to dentistry, you have two roads to travel down. One is medical dentistry, the kind that includes 3-6 monthly checkups that are necessary for the long term health of your teeth, and other generally important assets to your oral hygiene. And then there’s cosmetic dentistry, which isn’t necessarily required to have healthy teeth, but can certainly go a long way to making them more presentable. Veneers typically fit into the latter category, but there are instances where they are needed. If you live in Cary, IL, and want veneers, here are the main signs that you most certainly need some.

#1. Damaged teeth

Accidents happen. Even if you keep your teeth completely happy and porcelain white as much as humanely possible, there’s still a chance that your teeth may become chipped, cracked, or outright broken by some unforeseen instance. In these cases, veneers help repair the damage, and return your smile to its shiny, whole self.

#2. Intense discoloration

There are countless store brand teeth whitening products out there, and of course, not all of them work. Even the best ones don’t work in certain situations. Sometimes the discoloration is just too intense for any commercially available product to do any good. Fortunately, veneers are very good at outdoing all of them. They make your teeth whiter, more uniform, and definitely more presentable. Although in certain, particularly extreme cases, even in-office veneers won’t do any good. Fortunately there are more powerful versions known as porcelain veneers, which should do the trick from there.

#3. Misaligned teeth

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. It can be caused by any number of problems, but the end result is that you’re left with poorly aligned, misshapen teeth. Thankfully, veneers can help with these too. As long as you keep to the hygiene plan and follow your dentist’s directions to the letter, you should find yourself with the smile of your dreams in no time flat.

#4. Too many gaps

A single gap in the right place can be an endearing part of a person’s appearance, but too many can be a serious issue. Veneers help to restore the teeth to their natural appearance, so getting one should put your teeth back on the right course.

If you are in the market for a veneer, or other form of cosmetic dentistry, look up Cary Dental Associates. Their esteemed staff of cosmetic dentists will provide you with excellent service at affordable prices.


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