Signs You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are many situations that may lead to wisdom teeth removal and not all removals require surgery to achieve if you come in early enough to catch the problem at the start. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to drop after puberty and are a set of molars in the very back of the mouth that often cause more trouble than they are worth. Not only do these teeth serve no viable purpose for humans anymore but they may cause serious infections due to the common problem of the teeth growing in at the wrong angle or otherwise incorrectly.


The clearest indication that you require wisdom teeth removal in Noble Square is if you begin to experience lasting pain in the back of your mouth, particularly the back of your jaw. When cleaning your teeth or eating, you may feel this pain upon placing pressure or you may experience pain in your mouth no matter what you may be doing. Contact us the moment that you begin to notice this troubling symptom of a problem so that you may receive fast and reliable treatments designed to help you avoid any further pain from these unnecessary molars.

Crowded Teeth

Due to the large size of wisdom teeth and the fact that the human mouth can quickly run out of space for additional teeth, the cutting of the wisdom teeth will often result in crowding of the mouth. When teeth are crowded and packed too tightly inside the mouth, they shift around each other to make room and this is often the cause behind many adults who have crooked teeth either on the top or bottom row of teeth. The result is a mouth that may develop an overbite or underbite or have many teeth resting in front of others or at the wrong angle; however, the right wisdom teeth removal can help.

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