Signs You May Need Periodontal Treatment in Indianapolis IN

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Dentistry

Outside of cavities, gum disease is one of the biggest concerns to a person’s oral health. The gum tissue is what keeps the teeth healthy and provides them with essential nutrients. When gum disease is present, the entire oral cavity health begins to suffer. Eventually, a person will begin to lose their teeth. It is imperative people are aware of the signs of gum disease so they can promptly seek periodontal treatment in Indianapolis IN. The sooner treatment is begun, the less likely permanent damages to the teeth will occur.

When gum disease first begins in the teeth, it will begin to cause redness and mild irritation. Many people find the symptoms are so mild they get overlooked. One of the biggest signs of the early stages of gingivitis is bleeding in the gums. Bleeding will most often occur when a person tries to brush or floss their teeth. Thankfully, gingivitis is easily treated with a thorough cleaning and with proper oral care practices. Medicated mouth rinses can help to control the bacteria levels in the gums so the infection will be cleared.

As the disease progresses, the inflammation increases. When periodontal disease develops, pockets of infection develop around the teeth. As the pockets fill with infection, the body sends white blood cells to attack the bacteria which in turn causes the supporting structures of the teeth to be inadvertently attacked. As time goes on without treatment, the teeth begin to loosen and will eventually fall out if dental intervention is not sought.

Through Periodontal Treatment in Indianapolis IN, a person can be treated for this disease in the hopes their teeth will be able to be saved. Aggressive treatment is often needed to bring the infection under control and stop the inflammation of the gum tissue, so the teeth are no longer in danger of falling out. Treatment can take months, depending on the level of severity.

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