Steps to Take When You Have a Loose Permanent Tooth in Chicago, Illinois

When you’re diligent about your oral health and have regular dental checkups, you expect your teeth to last a lifetime, so it’s worrisome when you have a loose tooth. You may be anxious about the treatment and expense, but the problem may get worse if you delay a trip to your dentist.


While sports injuries, falls and other traumas are common reasons for loose teeth in adults, the cause isn’t always obvious. Periodontal disease, osteoporosis and misaligned teeth may be the source of the problem. Clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth can damage the ligaments and bones that hold your teeth in place.

First Steps

You shouldn’t ignore the problem. Dentists in Chicago, Illinois, offer emergency appointments so you can get professional care as quickly as possible. Be careful before your appointment. Eat soft foods and gently clean the area to help prevent infection. Avoid wiggling the loose tooth with your tongue and fingers.


The reason for your loose tooth, the extent of damage and your goal for treatment will determine the next steps. After x-rays and an examination, your dentist will explain your options, such as deep cleaning, bonding the problem tooth to surrounding teeth or removing the tooth. Experienced dentists in Chicago, Illinois, can help you choose the best possible treatment.

Make an Appointment

Pain, loose teeth and other signs of trouble shouldn’t be ignored, and Chicago Smile Design offers emergency appointments, so treatment isn’t delayed. Visit Chicago Smile Design website today to learn more about their services.


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