Teeth Bonding in Indianapolis IN: What You Should Know

by | May 25, 2020 | Dentist

If you want to make your smile as attractive as possible, you should know what tooth bonding is, what it’s used for, and how the process works. This cosmetic procedure can completely transform a smile.

What Is Teeth Bonding Used for?

Teeth bonding in Indianapolis IN can be used for many different purposes. It can be used to change the shape of one’s teeth for a more aesthetic smile. It can also be used for repairing chipped and cracked teeth or closing spaces between gapped teeth.

But that’s not all that it can do. Teeth bonding can be an alternative to or a way to cover up unsightly fillings and it can protect the root of a tooth exposed due to receding gums. It can even be used to improve the way yellowed or otherwise discolored teeth appear.

What Does the Procedure Consist of?

Teeth bonding procedures are very technologically advanced but easy for the patient. There are two main types of bonding: adhesive and direct composite. The major difference between the two is the fact that adhesive bonding uses a liquid bonding agent whereas composite bonding does not.

In both cases, the dentist sculpts the bonding material to create the desired effect. Bonding materials come in many different natural shades and can be mixed to perfectly match your teeth.

Bonding Advantages

Teeth bonding has many benefits. It is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures, especially considering how versatile it is.

It’s also very comfortable for the patient and rarely invasive in any way. Dental bonding does not usually require any anesthesia, nor does it usually require much (or any) tooth enamel removal.

If you think that tooth bonding might be the right choice to rejuvenate your smile, contact Business Name for a consultation.

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