Teeth That Are Missing Can Be Fixed With Tooth Implants In Panama City Beach FL

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Dentistry

Missing teeth are one of the largest problems for adults. Due to gum disease, accidents, medication and a variety of other factors, one or several of their teeth may be missing. This makes them feel self-conscious of their smile and can affect the way they chew food and even speak. The choices years ago required the connection of a false tooth on a metal band that connected to the existing teeth. This was called a bridge. A bridge is still used in today’s dentistry, but Tooth Implants in Panama City Beach FL give a much more natural appearance where teeth are missing in someone’s mouth.

A dentist who performs cosmetic dentistry can match the color, shape and size of Tooth Implants in Panama City Beach FL to existing teeth in the mouth. This type of procedure will leave a beautiful smile without anyone knowing there were a tooth or teeth missing when completed. A missing tooth permits teeth to shift within the jawbone. When shifting occurs, an individual can have problems chewing food and sleeping at night. It can give them daily headaches from the teeth not meeting properly. Shifting teeth usually tend to crowd other teeth in the mouth. When teeth are crowded, this can lead to tooth decay and the need for further dental care.

The teeth also help to keep the shape of an individual’s face in place. Several missing teeth can give the face a sunken appearance. This can make an individual more conscientious about their missing teeth. A cosmetic dentist can replace the missing teeth easily with proper treatment. Dental implants offer a permanent root in the area of the missing tooth. They do not require reducing permanent teeth in the mouth in order for a bridge to be placed into the mouth. Another great benefit of implants is they are much more comfortable than dentures because they never have to be removed. They are literally just like a permanent tooth.

Enjoy the benefits that tooth implants have to offer for eating, speaking, self-esteem and better oral health. For more information on tooth implants, please feel free to click here for additional info.

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