The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry in Tampa

by | Jun 29, 2012 | Dentistry

With many health care organizations and advocates recommending annual or biannual dental checkups and visits, many people are aware that seeing a dentist frequently can help you prevent a host of dental problems and can allow you to nip others in the bud. However, some may dread dental visits because of the pain or drudgery associated with visiting the dentist, which can make receiving the proper treatment difficult and may cause some to sacrifice their dental health. Fortunately, Sedation Dentistry Charleston SC can help a large group of individuals with several problems to more regularly visit the dentist and to improve their dental health.

Some people have a phobia of dentists and dentistry and may refuse to subject themselves to an appointment that consists of lying in a chair while someone else pokes around their mouth and jaw. Sedation dentistry in Charleston SC can help people like this to relax, allowing the dentist or nurse to do his or her job. Less fear can make more of these patients more willing to visit the dentist more frequently, which in turn can lead to better oral hygiene and fewer problems like cavities or gum disease. Even for people with anxiety, for those who have trouble with the smells associated with dentistry, or for those who gag easily, sedation dentistry can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Another benefit of sedation dentistry is the reduction in pain that occurs for many patients. Some patients with certain jaw conditions or sensitive teeth may find keeping their mouth open for an extended period of time or a simple teeth cleaning to be painful and unpleasant. Sedation dentistry in Charleston SC can keep you from feeling the pain of these procedures, and may also be ideal for those who have difficulty achieving the right anesthetic effect from local anesthesia administered with needles. This can allow the dentist to finish procedure on a pain-sensitive patient in one visit, whereas without sedation the procedure may have to be completed over a series of appointments to accommodate the patient’s pain tolerance.

Sedation dentistry in Charleston SC may also allow patients to feel as though their appointment lasted only a few brief minutes rather than a few hours or longer. This further adds to making visiting the dentist a more pleasant experience for many patients and can increase a person’s willingness to visit dentist more often. And people who visit the dentist regularly often have fewer dental problems requiring extensive appointments or dental work, saving money and time.

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