The Dentist in Eagan MN Can Whiten Your Smile

Ask anyone about the appearance of their smile and they will likely say they are unhappy with the color of their teeth. Discolorations and staining are a part of the aging process, but they do not have to be. When a person begins to develop stains that are not responding to brushing and other oral care practices, it may be time to visit the Dentist in Eagan MN. The dentist can offer a safe teeth whitening treatment that will allow a person to brighten the color of their teeth up to ten shades. With this information, people can learn a little more about teeth whitening procedures and how they are carried out.

The Dentist in Eagan MN will first need to check a patient’s oral health to ensure teeth whitening will not compromise the health of their smile. Once it has been determined the patient is a good candidate, teeth cleaning will need to be carried out. Cleaning procedures removed all of the sticky plaque and hardened tartar that are in place. These substances can make it impossible for the teeth whitener to penetrate deep into the dentin where the vast majority of stains are trapped.

A whitening procedure is a fairly straightforward treatment. The dentist simply brushes the whitener in place, and it penetrates into the teeth and bubbles away the stains. These treatments can allow a person to go to their natural level of whiteness, depending on the type of stains that are present. To receive the best results from a whitening treatment, patients may be given protocol treatments to use at home.

A protocol treatment may consist of a special toothpaste and whitening rinse. These can be used by the patient to help keep stains away and keep their teeth a bright white between office treatments. In most cases, the results of a treatment will last up to two years.

If you would be interested in having, your teeth whitened, visit the website. Dakota Dental & Implant Center offers superior dental services to help their patients keep healthy, beautiful smiles. Call today and schedule your consultation for the whitest teeth you ever imagined.


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