The Facts About Braces And Teeth in Irving

Unfortunately many people do not have straight teeth and there are some people whose teeth are embarrassingly crooked. The answer to crooked teeth is braces, as braces are placed directly on the teeth to help straighten them. Most people who need braces are young people, children and teenagers, however, there are adults who need braces too. The reason it’s easier to get braces for children is that their teeth are more pliable. That means their teeth are more likely to straighten out with the help of braces due to their teeth being a little more flexible than adults.

Additionally it’s easier for children to adapt to their braces. As an adult, you have become pretty use to not having anything in your mouth or on your teeth. So it can be pretty irritating to deal with Braces And Teeth in Irving constantly as an adult. As far as determining whether or not your child needs braces, be sure to watch how their teeth grow in. You will notice early on if they will need braces when they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth start coming in.

If their two front teeth grow in abnormally, meaning they grow in with larger than normal gaps, crooked, or not aligned as they should be, they may need braces in the future. Don’t act too quickly, though. Wait until their teeth completely grow in to see how crooked, spaced or unaligned they are before you go to the dentist. Many times the child’s teeth simply need time to develop and grow. The best age to know if your child will need braces is between 9-10 years old. By then the child’s adult teeth have come in completely.

There are different kinds of braces available in the marketplace, today. No longer is there just one to choose from. If you don’t care for the metal braces which can be heavy, irritating to the mouth, bulky, and unattractive, there are invisible braces which are much lighter in weight, don’t cause any irritation, and are barely noticeable. There are also gold-plated and titanium braces available. The dentist will help you make the best decision for you or your child’s Braces And Teeth in Irving. The dentist will also discuss how to care for the braces, how to eat, the cost, and how long it will take for the teeth to straighten.

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