The General Dentists in Manahawkin NJ Offer Emergency Dental Services

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Dentists

One of the most stressful situations a person can go through is having a dental emergency when the dentist’s office is not open. Dental emergencies can vary in their severity but typically revolve around injuries or pain. Fortunately, many General Dentists in Manahawkin NJ now offer emergency dental services so patients can receive the treatment they need without having to wait for an available appointment. Through this information, people can learn what issues the emergency dentist can treat so they can be prepared.

  • Severe tooth pain often cannot wait for a dental appointment to be scheduled. Tooth pain may be caused by injuries, cavities or infection. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to determine what is causing tooth pain until a person is seen by their dentist. With an emergency dental clinic, a person’s tooth can be carefully examined and even X-rayed so the cause of the pain can be found and properly treated. The sooner treatment is sought the less likely permanent damages will occur. Click here to learn more.
  • If an injury occurs to a tooth, prompt treatment is often required. Injuries can be serious and can lead to damage that results in tooth death. When a tooth becomes damaged below the crown, the dentist may need to pull the tooth because it will eventually die. Most damage above the gumline can be repaired by the dentist, as long as the patient is seen in time. Even if a person has had their entire tooth knocked from the socket, there is still a good chance the tooth can be saved.
  • If swelling in the jaw, tooth pain and fever begin, these signs could mean there is an abscess (tooth infection) present. Infections in the teeth can become serious and can cause severe pain. The dentist will need to drain the infection and pus and treat the patient with strong antibiotics. If the infection goes untreated, it can worsen and spread to other teeth and the gums. Once the gums become infected, the heart can suffer from damage.

If you have any of these issues going on with your oral health, make sure to contact the General Dentists in Manahawkin NJ right away. Call Little Egg Dental and allow them to give you further information on their emergency dental services.

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