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by | May 8, 2013 | Dentistry

In 2002, it was estimated that the caseload for dentist’s in Cincinnati increased by 7.5 percent, and since 1990, the emergency dental cases nearly tripled. Unfortunately, this led to crowded dental clinics in the area, and placed tooth decay at the top of the list of healthcare needs that weren’t being met.Those statistics alone show just how important preventative care is. It is very important that locals have access to Dentist Cincinnati OH in order to prevent oral health problems from turning into more serious issues, such as infection. Fortunately for those who cannot afford dental insurance, there are many dentists in the Cincinnati area who will work with patients, providing reasonable payment plans, or even a list of low-cost or income-based insurance options. This is incredibly important, as many of the Cincinnati residents who cannot afford dental care fall below the poverty level, and often times even have children with teeth in poor shape.

Whether an individual is in need of a dental cleaning, a tooth extraction, or a full mouth restoration, there are various dental offices and facilities throughout the area that are willing to help. Because many people often experience a fear of the dentist, these dental offices often go the extra mile to provide gentle and supportive care to put their patients at ease.

It is safe to say that Ohioans, or anyone for that matter, doesn’t simply want just anybody working on their teeth. With that said, it is wise to choose a dentist’s office with a staff that is dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive care. Attention to patients should be individual and courteous, with maximum comfort and support in mind. Because many who seek treatment for their teeth are self-conscious as a result of tooth decay or an unsightly smile, it’s best to also choose a dentist that doesn’t judge, and is dedicated to providing the services needed to restore a beautiful, healthy mouth.Finally, dentists in Cincinnati should stress the importance of preventative dental care, as Cincinnati’s dental crisis continues to worsen. Knowledge is power, and with passionate dentists spreading the word and helping patients to achieve reasonably priced dental care, the situation could be turned around.

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