The Offerings Of A Periodontist In Chanhassen MN

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Dentist

If you’re unsure of what a periodontist in Chanhassen MN is exactly, you’re not alone. Many people visit a general dentist, but they do not seek oral health professionals beyond the scope of their family dentist. A periodontist typically goes to dental school and receives his license in dentistry, but then goes beyond the dentistry license and returns to school for an additional study. Usually, within three years he has completed the coursework to pass boards that would certify him as a periodontist, one who specializes in oral health, particularly regarding gums. A periodontist can also perform surgical procedures that treat patients with gum disease.

One common procedure that a periodontist in Chanhassen MN might perform is a pocket reduction. When a patient has gum disease, gums can easily become red and inflamed. This inflammation can cause gum tissues to grow up and around teeth forming “pockets” of sorts. When a person smiles, these pockets can be noticeable, but more importantly, they provide generous breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms. Microbial growth inside pockets of tissue can be an invitation for poor health. They can destroy teeth, gum, and even bone tissue. A periodontist can surgically remove gum overgrowth, which can reduce the depths these pockets reach. In turn, microbial growth diminishes which preserves teeth, gums, and bones.

It is possible to have developed bone, gum, and tissue damage that need medical attention. If a patient has waited too long to avoid deterioration, a periodontist in Chanhassen MN can perform a procedure to regenerate lost tissues, which can include bone. Don’t think that it’s too late to restore health to your mouth. First, the periodontist might remove excess gums that may have created pockets of infection. Once they are cut down to size, the periodontist can clean away any remaining signs of infection. Depending on the amount of damage done, proteins that stimulate tissue growth are introduced to damaged structures. Bone grafts can also be implanted so damaged jawbones can start to grow and heal.

One procedure that is considered purely cosmetic is crown lengthening. This involves the removal of excess gum tissue so that more of the tooth is exposed. It can help when a person feels that he or she has a smile that is too “gummy.” The result is a toothier smile that can reveal a nice set of pearly whites.

If you need a periodontist in Chanhassen MN, there are several board-certified practitioners who can help restore your oral health. Some of the procedures a periodontist in Chanhassen MN might perform include pocket reduction, regenerative procedures, and crown lengthening. Finding a periodontist can make a difference in your overall oral health.

In Chanhassen MN, contact Chanhassen Family Dentistry for an experienced periodontist.

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